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By the month of June each year apple announces or launches their new iPhone model. But so far there is no iPhone has been released. Each year some information’s about their iPhone is leaked due to their various manufacturers. Here we are going to see about such kind of leaked information’s, including expectations for the iPhone5s.

So far there is no pictures of iPhone 5s is released thus make me to believe that there will be some changes in the new iPhone 5s. The thing which makes me lean is that iOS5 is expected to be launch at the time of iPhone 5s is launch. It’s a great pair. The new version of iPhone 5s specs  will be come with 4G capability. Some people may think as that 4G capability will increase the price of the iPhone. There is also another question on iPhone that is through which version of 4G the iPhone would use. I think that the GSM version of the iPhone has HSPA+4G. Apple has never tried to putting a feature 4G LTE which is not sure to work. Also it is expected that iPhone would come with the integration of GSM/CDMA chip. This will reduce the iPhone 5s price.

When it comes about speed of the phone, one thing is sure that every newer version of the iPhone has been faster than the last model. Being usage of A5 chip it is sure that the speed of the new iPhone should be much faster than the previous models. There will be a change in price in the new iPhone due to the A5 processor.

Most of the sources said that the screen size will be 3.7” when it is compared with 4s it is larger than that one. Some other group said the screen size will be 4”. I expect that the screen size would not go bigger than the 4 inches. Because the increase in screen size leads to increase in price too, so apple won’t do that. 4 inches will be quite bigger for the mobile phones, so I expect they will stop the size by 3.7”. Nowadays gorilla glass is becoming more popular for smart phones. So I think apple also going to make the new iPhone with gorilla glass without affecting the price.

What about the cameras? The previous model iPhone comes with 5 megapixels for primary camera and VGA for secondary camera. Both the configurations are very old when compared with current trends. It was expected that the new iPhone will come with 8 megapixels for the primary camera and 1.3 megapixels for the secondary camera